What's makes Mlen Lashes so appealing?

Mlen Lashes are produced by the founder who used to create fake eyelashes for many brands worldwide. After much R&D, looking for the perfect type of material, density and magnetic technology, Mlen was born.

Mlen Patents

It is a patented technology which enables ultra thin magnets to be produced, which are both light and easy to wear. On top of that, the Magentic technology used with these lashes have what is called "Magnet Memory", due to the sheer sleekness of the magnets they will, after being used often, shape itself to suit your eye shape. Therefore, don't fret if the first time you wear it the shape seems a little off, try a few more times, and the magnet memory will start to kick in and you will feel much more comfortable in it!

So, you might be asking, if the magnets are so thin and light, wouldn't the lashes start to fall off as wind blows on my face and the day comes to and end? I can confidently tell you, that these magnets, though thin and light, do not fall off easily, in fact the grip is very good, and you can go a whole day, though sports and work, and have it still be in place from my experience at the end of the day. But then, if it's grip is good, will it rip my natural lashes off? The answer is no, but you must be aware that there are lash shedding periods, in fact we naturally lose lashes every day, but that will be another article I write about. I write more about it in my other post here.

Besides the magnetic technology behind Mlen, the lashes themselves are made of a special material which is called PBT, known to have the lowest chances of skin allergy of all material types used for making fake eyelashes. As well as that, the lashes are made in such a way that it looks and fees just like mink fur, but the best part is, it's completely artificial, so no animals are harmed in the process of making these lashes. Last but not least, it also is antibacterial which is a very important factor, especially when it comes to products which are reusable, and clips so close to your eyes.