SOFT Magnetic lashes are better than regular magnetic lashes

So you may have heard a lot about magnetic lashes, but have you heard about SOFT magnetic lashes? There's a huge difference between the two and we'll dive deeper into this right now, because MLEN lashes are SOFT magnetic lashes and not just regular ones.

Let's start off with the different type of magnetic lashes out there:

  1. You have eyeliner magnetic lashes which contains magnetic powder inside, of which, helps the magnetic lashes fit on better.
  2. Regular Magnetic lashes, which are magnetic blocks that fit onto your lashes and clamp them together, they tend to be hard and stay in whatever shape you buy them in.
  3. Soft magnetic lashes, which is ultra thin and light, also seasons through time to fit your eye shape. As mentioned it's soft, which also means it's more pliable.

 So what makes soft magnetic lashes better?

First off, soft magnetic lashes are more flexible and lighter than the more traditional magnetic lashes. This makes it a much more comfortable fit on your eyes, giving you less burden on your natural lashes, which in turn allows you to go about your day with little discomfort weighing down your eyes.

Soft Magnetic Lashes Anti Bacterial Technology

MLEN is the only brand which carries this patented technology, in fact it was birthed out from the magnetic lashes when the founder realised how hard the magnets were. After through research and testing, they came out with soft and pliable magnets which are flexible and comfortable. On top of that MLEN magnets are coated with a special material as they noticed people have had allergic reactions to magnets before, so by coating it with a material that is known to have less reactions, those who used to have issues with magnets on their eyes could wear this with no issues. Which adhesives with magnetic powders would not be able to work around. 

Ultimately, MLEN has made their lashes with you, the consumer, in mind, wanting to excel beauty through science. I have written in another post which you can view here.

The material for the lashes are also known to have the lowest chances of causing allergic reactions. So if you're looking for a falsie with magnets and have sensitive skin, perhaps these lashes are worth your try! 

Ultimately, soft magnetic lashes are lighter thus more comfortable, more flexible and thus can season itself to your eye shape, and for the case of MLEN, it's coated to lower chances of allergic reactions through much research. 

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