Do Lashes fall out? All about lash cycles

Did you know that your eyelashes go through cycles like the hairs on your head. There's no need to worry too much about it, of course is could happen due to external factors as well such as, chemo or autoimmune diseases which you can read more about here.

However, today I would like to just address the normal cycle of your eyelashes. Let's first start off with the normal anatomy of the lashes, on the top eyelid you have around 90-150 lashes and the bottom you have 70-80 lashes. These babies are there to protect your eyes as well as serving a dual purpose of aesthic benefits too.

Finally let's get to the main Subject, our lashes tend to go through a 3 month cycle of shedding and regrowth, but this cycle doesn't happen on all your lashes at once, otherwise you's be lashless at times, but it happens to a portion of your lashes at a time, so if you ever notice some lashes falling out naturally, do not fret, it's perfectly normal!  Technically speaking, your lashes go through 3 phases, a growing phase, a transitional phase, a resting phase, which is also the phase where lashes start to shed then it returns to growth phase.
Lash Three Phase Life Cycle
This is especially important to know when you are doing eyelash extensions, but if you're like us and want an alternative which takes less time and still look absolutely faboulash, our soft magnetic lashes is the perfect fit for you, what's more, there are various styles which you can put on for different occasions or looks, suited for every different eye type!